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ECTS programme

Les étudiants en déplacement chez nous pourront valider chaque matière de façon individuelle, sans tenir compte du regroupement en modules, tout en obtenant une note supérieure ou égale à 8.
Incoming students can validate individual subjects without taking into account modules, provided they obtained a grade higher than 8.


French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

EIVP offers FLE courses for all international students free of charge. Weekly sessions are organized during both semesters. Students wishing to participate in summer intensive courses, please visit this website.


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Dr Eugenia Llamas (Ms) : Director of International Relations. Head of the Department of Languages.

+33 156 026107


Ms Bénédicte Mahé : Erasmus+ Manager. Outgoing students.

+33 156 021169

M Joachim Broomberg : Director of Education.

+33 176 215982

Ms Catherine Allet : Head of Student Services. Accommodation.

+33 156 021153

Ms Lina MA : Deputy to the Head of Student Services.

+33 156 026120