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Program Urban Planning and City Branding Informations

•    100% taught in english - 30 ECTS
•    Application deadline on Mid-May, 2024
•    Programme starts on Mid-September, 2024
•    Programme ends on Mid-January, 2025
•    Opens to candidates with BSc / BEng degree or the French equivalent “licence” preferably in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning
or Architecture ; opens also to first/ second year students of relevant Master degree.
•    Opens to Erasmus student (no fees)
•    English Level: B1 (with teacher's certificate)
•    Training fees: 4.900€ for French or foreign students

The program “ Urban planning & city branding ” at Ecole des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris, provides a multidisciplinary perspective on complex, on-the-ground urban issues, including sustainable planning, mobility and urban governance.

The core of the program is based on an Urban Planning Project, complemented by a series of seminars focusing on planning and mobility issues, and a territorial marketing module. The courses, delivered entirely in English, will give a significant place to case studies from international urban contexts.

This academic programme is rolled out with experts from the École du Breuil, the horticultural school of the City of Paris.

1. Masterplanning Project Project
2. Geographic Information System Class lectures
3. City Branding Class lectures
4. Masterplanning & transport issues Class lectures & conferences

5. Research track

Research program with Gustave Eiffel University in Marne-La-Vallée